Save me

Obsession is scary and jealousy terrifies me.

Each day I pray to God for the power not to succumb to those.

I try to be a forward thinker and open-minded without losing my morals and beliefs. My biases I kept in check for my mind is a mystery.

Anger, envy and malice are like Poison, they eat away the soul.

The spirit is Consumed by rage and the mind is Imprisoned by grudges.

Let go of hate and free yourself from torture.

Greeds kills, it wraps itself around you like a Serpent squeezing out all your breaths while asking for more. Again I pray for a heart that is not consumed by those, a heart that is not blinded by rage and a mind that understands the important things in life.


Prayer for the Soul

Lord God give me strength. Bless my heart with love

Transform my soul and mind. Help me not to lose my ways.

Lay in front of me the path of your own design.

Give me the strong will to keep pushing. Give me the heart that withstands all.

Guild me so my spirit won’t be broken, and help me to always see the

good in others.

Do not let my selfish ways consume me, open my eyes to the love within.

Help me to wear humility like amour and to wield kindness like a sword.

Lets cast away the pride that eats the soul and the arrogance that consumes the spirit.

Create in me a pure heart that holds no malice or grudges.

And allow my spirit to be at peace in you.