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Love as a mirror

Love is like a mirror. When it’s new, it’s whole. Break it and it’s shattered,

broken and in pieces. all laying there in disappear.

Fixed, is not quite the same. The cracks are visible and

edges are sharp as if they are warning and threatening you to back off.

The trauma for the impact forever visible, no amount of cover-up can conceal the damage. The more the mirror is broken and fixed, the more pieces are lost.

Love can be delicate and it can be to the most elegant thing in the room, It can outshine every experience.

But a broken love hurts like a sharp cut. like you have been gutted and left on an empty street like your heart has been reaped out of your chest and feed to the dogs.

It can lead to the darkest of places, to the vast ocean of nothingness. Love as a mirror is a reflection of your peace, Cherish it, protect it and handle it with care.

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Love and Logic

To live is to love and to love is to live.

But with love comes vulnerability and happiness

With love comes acceptance and hurt

To love is to be and to be is to love.

But To love without logic is to follow blindly.

Society says you can’t be logical when in love.

Some people say if he loves me he should have ………..

Others said I don’t want that kinda love.

The next person asked why doesn’t he love me the way that guy loves her?

Questions, comparisons, confusion and doubts are all they got.

As I said, love is vulnerability and acceptance. Should you blame me for being logical? Is it a crime to think for myself? Or is curiosity stupidity?

We shouldn’t set love and logic against each other but rather encourage

Logical love. A love that appreciates your individuality, a love that doesn’t follow blindly, a love that understands you as a person and not only infatuated. The love that understands that change is inevitable. A love that is not easily influenced. A love that is not only base on your momentary feelings


Let me be yours and you be mine.

Sometimes I go back. Sometimes I think.

My memories recall things. I wish I forgot

Things I try hard to forget.

It played in my head like a song on repeat.

I visualized everything thing like am watching a tv show.

Is this one of those funny joke or have I gotten lost Trying to

find something new.

But thinking back on it now, you took me by surprise.

Meeting you was a fluke. Tho I was intentionally searching with no clue

of the end result. With no idea of what is out there. But knowing you, was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert, very fulfilling, very informative and extraordinary.

I try to imagine how life would have been without you and what would have become of me have we not met? The following words came to mind; Lonely, dry, boring and annoying.

You have brought a rely of hope back onto me, my beautiful. You made me happy and as happy as I can be. You have brightened my days my early morning sunshine.

Your light has lit my soul. Your smile melts my heart. You are my safe place and Let me be yours too. Let me be your happiness, Let me help you build. Just like the ants I know we are stronger together. Let’s make a statement to this system that works against us. Let’s do us and screw what society thinks. Let me be yours and you be mine.