Wake up

I woke up this morning with my thoughts so blend

I look at my door with an alter disgust. My body refused to leave the bed. I can hear my phone buzzing like it’s having a seizure.

Beep, here goes the snooze button again. My oh my how

I miss you sweet silent. Your lack of nothingness echoes all over the room.

About to shout down again,then I heard that awful buzzing again

What a horrible noise, I picked up my phone to check and it was that time already, the time has come to wake up.

No more snoozing the injustice I see around me. No more one more minute To the atrocities that distraught the mind, the spirit and the soul.

No more sleeping and ignoring the inequality that swims around us like a shark and have flooded the land like a plague.

It’s time to wake up and face this head-on. Is time to wake up and work to make this land better. Is time to wake up and clean up the injustice

It’s time put inequality to its grave.

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