Love as a mirror

Love is like a mirror. When it’s new, it’s whole. Break it and it’s shattered,

broken and in pieces. all laying there in disappear.

Fixed, is not quite the same. The cracks are visible and

edges are sharp as if they are warning and threatening you to back off.

The trauma for the impact forever visible, no amount of cover-up can conceal the damage. The more the mirror is broken and fixed, the more pieces are lost.

Love can be delicate and it can be to the most elegant thing in the room, It can outshine every experience.

But a broken love hurts like a sharp cut. like you have been gutted and left on an empty street like your heart has been reaped out of your chest and feed to the dogs.

It can lead to the darkest of places, to the vast ocean of nothingness. Love as a mirror is a reflection of your peace, Cherish it, protect it and handle it with care.