The confused fighter

The concept of love is lost to me.

Am I being selfish ? To think I know it or am I self absorbed?

to think I understand.

Is love an illusion or is it a reality?

My mind is at war with my hart.

And my heart tries to battle my being.

My being is fighting my reality.

Reality in turn tries to seize control of my mind.

Confused ,lost , forgotten and wondering.

But this question kept ringing in my mind

“Is love an illusion or is it real?



Me, sadness and the Hole

Sadness is not a strange to me.

I have been in a dark hole with it.

Talking, chilling and trying to make sense of it.

Sometimes it feels like it takes you deeper in the hole.

Its grip is so strong that sometimes it’s difficult to escape.

Though most times I wear my mask called smile and put on my fancy garment called


Yet I know when I come home sadness is waiting.


Better me

Ya I know it been too long, but not too long to forgot what we have. Tho we grow far apart but the memories I embrace. it hurt but the pain I over come.they said forgive and forget but how can I forget when I had to learn form my mistakes, how can I forget when the memories are fresh. But one thing I learn is to let Go. Just like a soldier, I will move forward, I will fight and I will push through. I will make the enemy self doubt and tremble.I will rebuild the wall of self esteem and confidence shall be my right hand man.together we shall destroy the wall of Negativity, release our comrades the Positive thinking. we shall work to rebuild this torn down spirit, we will enrich the soul and fortify the mind. but this time i didn’t do it for you but for that I can be better me then the me of yesterday.