Don’t abuse the Friendship

“FRIEND” what a funny word. Some people abuse it some people

Misuse it. What is a friend? who is a friend?. We all have our expectations, our ideas, values and standards.

Friendship in this Morden age has become propaganda. lots of people claim to be your friend yet they know not what friendship

is all about.

Most are your friends out of selfish reasons and convenience. They ride

with you yet will be the first to throw you under the bus. Their expectations are high but yet they made you a second-hand citizen in their life. Your love, kindness, caring, empathy and friendship they think they deserve, but for theirs, you have to earn. Some want you to conform to their idea of whom you are or whom you suppose to be, Instead of supporting you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

But Good friends are worth more than gold and more precious than diamonds. It’s someone who knows you for you and not their idea of you. Someone who can be honest with you without being condescending. Someone who is there in your worst moments and someone who can share your happiest moments without being bitter. Someone who is happy for you when you succeed. Someone who sees you as a motivator rather than a competitor. Someone who doesn’t try to take advantage of your kindness. Someone who respects and values you. Remember Good friends are hard to come by when you get one respect them, cherish them and don’t abuse the friendship.

By oliscosunset

I am but a creative mind trying to explore my talent. The world we live in is made for all but yet is unique to you. Am but a single soul yet my hart cries out like soldiers in the battle field.
Welcome to my blog.

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