Is there even enough Time?

Time, Time, Time. I wish I had more cries, were everyone. Yet we mismanage the ones we have. We lament, I need more time but won’t think twice about westing the little given to us.

No matter how much time we have is never enough because Time itself is like an addictive drug, the more you consume the less you have and the more your body craves for more.

Time is the perfect politician, it can’t be bought or bribed. It believes in equality and doesn’t discriminate. As we fight for more time, Time just sits watching and observing as we waste our time while seeking for more tome.Then I ask myself is there even enough time?

By oliscosunset

I am but a creative mind trying to explore my talent. The world we live in is made for all but yet is unique to you. Am but a single soul yet my hart cries out like soldiers in the battle field.
Welcome to my blog.

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