Just another cold night

Looking out the window, the snow falls gently.

The wind singing its song. Whispering in my ears its cold winter breeze.

Yet I sit there, not listening but just wondering, and imagining how great it will be to feel the warmth again.

Thinking how great it will be if you are mine. Like how long should I have to compete

The coldness is getting stronger, tho my room is like an oven set to max.

Yet my heart is frozen.

Each day I yarn for you and each night I wish you were with me.

Your voice melts my frozen heart and your smile brings warmth to my soul

As I said I wish you are mine. But I guess is just another cold night

By oliscosunset

I am but a creative mind trying to explore my talent. The world we live in is made for all but yet is unique to you. Am but a single soul yet my hart cries out like soldiers in the battle field.
Welcome to my blog.

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