Me and Poetry

C9F76BC6-4FCC-4972-A876-DA8878ED2BAATo be honest am not writer. It has never been a set of skills that I acquired. I only write poems because its a way for me to express myself, It made me feel human again. Unable to cry for any emotional pain, My poem is all I have. It has  helped me in so many ways more than once. It had helped me understand myself better.

When you are like me who had be through a lot in life, it takes sometime  special to keep you going. Especially in this stressful times, when everything sometime seem like they are working against you. When you feel alone in the world even though you are in the mist of  thousands and when the pressure of expectations tries to bury you alive. You need something to keep you going. Somewhere to to let all that bottled in emotions out while looking forward and working toward a better future with a life of happiness.

To me that safe zone is poetry, the love of art and nature. These has been my escape zone. The medicine that has kept me sene.Hope it helps you too.


By oliscosunset

I am but a creative mind trying to explore my talent. The world we live in is made for all but yet is unique to you. Am but a single soul yet my hart cries out like soldiers in the battle field.
Welcome to my blog.

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